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    Even the word "pregnancy" can be frightening when you are an unmarried teen dependant on others.  All of a sudden, the word applies to you!   Everyone expects so much of you--do well in school, get home on time, and be cool with your friends.  No one wants to know anything about your secret love life or your sexuality.  Certainly, you are a "good girl" who will not do anything to get in "trouble."

    But "trouble" has happened to you--and you are pregnant.  Before I go on too long, let me give away the ending and say that the heroines in this story did get help and are glad that they did.  Surprisingly, kind help can actually come from your parents, even when they had not expected your pregnancy.  Other help to stay in school, free doctors visits, free clothes and lots of good old fashioned listening also is available on a confidential basis for you anywhere in the U.S. 

    The real SMART move on your part is to take the help and don't get pushed into doing something you can't take back.  Just check out the telephone numbers on this page for fast confidential help.

    This message is dedicated to those loving, brave teen mothers who have taken the better road for their babies.  I am privileged to know four teenagers who recently have made that good decision and who have had their babies during the last several months of this year.  Now all four of them are spending Mother's Day with their little babies, rather than wondering what it would be like. 

    The concept of a so called planned parenthood approach to life is to arrange for your children's arrival at the most opportune time.  This is more easily said than done.  If we were "perfect" none of us would have any sexual relations until after we were married.  Theoretically,  even after we are married, we would somehow "plan" everything so carefully that no children would arrive in our home until everything was perfectly ready for them.  I don't know anyone who has lived a "perfect" life like that.

    Pregnancy is one of those things that is either there or not.  So, when suddenly you find that the big news is "yes," you either can be mature about this new development or just try to pretend that you can "go back in time."  No one can use a time machine to undo the fact that you now have a child living inside you--exactly where she is happy to be.  An abortion of any kind never turns back the clock to a time before you baby was living in you.  All it does is to temporarily cover up the fact that you were pregnant. 

    Of course, anytime you are pregnant the word always gets out.  So the abortion cover-up can never work.  Then there are the hard questions about the baby.  Was your child a girl or a boy?  How many weeks old?  What were you going to name her?  

    The four teenagers in my real story faced the tough situations of not being married, still being in high school and wanting to be known as "good girls."  But, like many others, they liked boys and didn't practice sexual abstinence or sufficient birth control.  Now they were pregnant and their parents didn't know.  Surprisingly, once they told their parents and gave them a little time to let the news soak in, their parents came through and showed them that they loved their daughters.

    All four of these teens stayed in high school until close to the time of their baby's delivery date.  When the babies were born, their families and teen friends let them know that they loved them and their babies.  They then went back to high school and did well.

    I respect these young women.  The term woman is properly applied to these teens because they protected their babies throughout their pregnancies and acted mature enough to move forward with their lives rather than backward. 

    When you are faced with trying to have a "perfect" planned parenthood approach to motherhood, please remember these young women who, like you, had an unexpected pregnancy.   Will you be mature about the news like they were, or try to cover-up the truth that now you are a mother?  Even if you discard your child, you and others will know that you were a mother once.  Or, you can follow the example of my four young friends who are now sharing this Mother's Day with their babies.  They are happy that they made the decision to protect their babies--and you will be too!

    My love and best hopes for all of you.  Be smart, take the great fast and free help made available to you at the telephone numbers below.  The kind people at these numbers will be there for you.   Call them now!

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