Adolescent Sexuality
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    The "why" of sexuality is one of the great mysteries of life.  Of course, the scientists say that it's all a matter of physiological chemical changes that produce human sexuality changes.  However, for most teens, their sexuality is more to them than just "science."

    Whatever the reason for your sexuality, it's real and you are like millions of other teens who are facing the powerful feelings you have.   

    Another "why" is why try to manage your sexuality anyway?  Why not just do "whatever" in response to your sexual feelings and see what happens?  The answer is that a "whatever" approach will frequently surprise you in ways that you did not want.  So, it's best to manage your actions in response to your sexuality if you don't want to be surprised or even hurt.

    There can be a number of difficult surprises.  Yes, the old stories about sexually transmitted diseases are true!  You could wind up with real bad stuff that will seriously harm your health--and even your future sex life.  Some others surprises, such as AIDS, will kill you for sure.  Even an unexpected pregnancy can be a confusing result of unmanaged sexual conduct.

    For many teens, their sexuality also has an important spiritual dimension.  That is, their feelings and actions are part of the love that was give to them by a great and loving God.  For that reason, the gift of sexuality is an important trust to manage as part of one's life.  In most religions, God is understood to plan for sexual intimacy as a special part of a marriage commitment.

    Ok then, your sexuality is a real part of being a healthy teen.  There are important reasons for managing your sexual activities.  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

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