Adolescent Sexuality
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    The answer is that anywhere you are is where your sexuality will be part of you.  Your feelings are just as real at school, home or even the beach.

    It may seem that your sexual emotions are different at different places.  But, they've always been in you from one location to another.  What counts is how you manage you feelings at particular places. 

    Just because you're in a location away from home doesn't mean that someone can make you do something sexual that you don't want to.  Just as you're in charge at home, you still equally have the right to decide on a date about your own sexuality.  Because you're at someone else's house doesn't give them the right to tell you what to do.

    Ok, your own sexuality is your business regardless of where you are--don't let anyone trick you about this.  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

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