Adolescent Sexuality
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    You don't really have much to say about the "when" of your sexuality.  Maturing sexuality will develop naturally at different times for different people. Don't be afraid that you're behind somehow!

    Your own sexuality will start becoming more and more noticeable to you when you body decides for you that it will.  You might as well just accept your body's timing, because anything else is fake.  Just because your friends say that they're so interested in sexuality doesn't mean that you are yet.

    Also, remember that sometimes people talk big about being "advanced" sexually because they lack confidence in themselves and are trying to sound like big shots.  For you, the time will come when you know that your feelings of sexuality are real.  Don't let anyone rush you. They don't know you best--you do.

   Ok, the timing for your growing sexuality is special to you--and no one else really knows exactly when you feelings have started to ripen.  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

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