Adolescent Sexuality
What, When, Where, Why, How?

    When it comes to sexuality, the "what" is both the physical feelings you have, as well as your emotions--which are just as real! Of course, there's also the actions you have taken as part of your sexuality.

    Every teen has a number of "what's" as part of his or her sexuality.  Some of you are afraid to do anything--even to admit to your feelings.   Some of you are "out of control" and don't know how to manage your feelings or actions.  Neither extreme gives you a decent chance to make the best of your sexuality.

    Some of you are into unprotected sex--which is actually dangerous-even stupid.  While some other teens are trying to pretend that they have no interest, or even curiosity, in their sexuality. This is not too bright either because your sexuality is an important part of you as a person.

        Ok then, sexuality, both emotions and physical feelings, are natural parts of being a healthy teen.  This powerful drive is part of you for life!  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

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