Adolescent Sexuality
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     If any of us knew exactly how to best manage our sexuality we'd be a millionaire--because no one else does either!  Still, it's so important to us that we must try our best. 

    In fact, trying to do our best with this explosive area of our lives may well be the answer to "how."  Teens facing adolescent sexuality pressures and surprises have many good sources of help.  The important decision then is to go out and do your best to get and use the help that's available to you.

    On of the best types of help is plain old-fashioned knowledge.  The more you know about what to expect, and the more you understand about why your feel the way you do, the easier it will be to manage your sexuality.

    Even if you know something about the reasons for your feelings, you still don't know how to only do what is right for you.  How can you manage your feelings and actions?  In most cases you can only manage your actions, not your feelings.  However, that's a great start. 

    Decide in advance what type of actions are right for you.  Consider and understand the importance of your lifetime of sexuality and make a promise to yourself to stay within the boundaries you have set.  Ask for help from others.  They can be your parents, a trusted friend, or even a group that you trust to be part of your effort to manage your sexuality.  Some teens have taken part in a public pledge to wait until marriage for sexual activity.  Others have shared their personal plans with others who feel like they do to help them avoid the natural temptations of sexuality.

    Speaking of temptations, one important "how" is to avoid physical situations of intimacy which temporarily will break down your intended plans.  Simply decide to stick to the level of intimacy that keeps you on the side of what's right for you.  If you let yourself go beyond your limit, it will be very difficult to honor your commitment to yourself.

    So, how you manage your sexuality is by doing your best, including using the help that's available to you.  Remember that some ways of managing sexuality usually work and others almost never do.  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

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