Teen Sexuality
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   First, remember that you deserve to be helped.  There's nothing that you ever have done that will take away your opportunity for help. Fast, confidential teen help is available now!

    Some people say that there's no such thing as failing to plan for our lives, only planning to fail!  But, since most of us do a rather poor job of planning for our sexuality, it's important to get and accept help from others.  For teens, the best help really can come from your parents.  They already have "been there" themselves with their own sexuality.  They won't be shocked--as you might think--about your sexuality.  And as difficult as they may seem sometimes, they're really eager to finally be able to help you with a tough question or problem.

    You also can talk to someone confidentially on the telephone if you're not yet ready to talk to your parents.  The free telephone numbers on the top and bottom of this page can be called from any phone, even a phone booth.  These people have "heard it all" and won't be surprised about what you tell or ask them. They will be polite and gentle--and keep everything you say secret.  But when you want an answer, they will give it to you straight.

    Some of you may have a friend who will comfort you.  However, unless your friend is awfully smart--and knows more about your sexuality than you do--don't ask your friend for the "answers."  There also really is a kind God who loves you and will listen to your worst problems.  You always can trust Him to love you no matter what.  Just talk to Him anywhere, anytime.

    So, you deserve to get help about your sexuality when you need it.  As a smart teen, you will reach out and accept the best help available to you.  Now on to the other questions you have about this important matter>>>>>

Call 1-800-448-4663 or 1-800-621-4000 

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